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About us

YouthCare Malaysia is a national-level NGO established on 12 Dec 2019. Our vision is to be an impactful youth-led organization that effectively unites, empowers and mobilizes the youth to care for the environment and society. Our mission is to inspire youth volunteerism, development and activism; and drive collaboration to deliver positive impact aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.

Since establishment, YCM has opened 13 state branches nationwide, raised 4000+ registered volunteers and 300+ committee members. Soon we will be opening our student chapters within campuses around Malaysia. Despite the pandemic, YCM has organized 133 projects nationwide
from January 2020 to December 2021
ranging from disaster relief missions, workshops, seminars, tree planting programs, clean-up / plogging programs, feed-the-homeless programs, intellectual discourse, poster competition, and many more. In 2022, we are condensing our efforts within the focus areas in our 3 core pillars : Volunteerism, Youth Development, and Activism.


To create a global, impactful youth-led organization that effectively unites, empowers, and mobilizes the youth to care for the people and the planet.

Our Strategy House

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Our Humble Story

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State Branches

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Our Pillars

A successful pressure group needs more than just big numbers, it demands quality numbers. We must focus not only on the quantity of supporters, but also on the depth of their commitment, the strength of their voice, and the diversity of their perspectives.

We must
strive to build a coalition of individuals and organizations who share our vision for a better world, and who are willing to work tirelessly to make that vision a reality.

YC Jabir Meftah, Founder and President of
YouthCare Malaysia

YouthCare Malaysia Development Pillar


YouthCare Malaysia VolunteerismPillar


YouthCare Malaysia Activism Pillar


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